Photo: Legacy Lake Homes + NG Designs

Modern Kitchen and Bath Excellence by Legacy Lake Homes + NG Designs


When it comes to modern home design, Legacy Lake HomesNG Designs is at the forefront of innovation. Their latest projects, feature light-colored cabinets in both a stunning bathroom and an expansive kitchen. Here are perfect examples of their craftsmanship and eye for detail. Let’s take a closer look at these spaces and explore how you can achieve similar results with your own home.


Modern Double Vanity Design

In the featured modern bathroom, Legacy Lake Homes & NG has masterfully combined elegance and functionality. Bright cabinet colors quickly catch your eye and add a lively pop to the modern, clean lines in the room.


Cabinet Finishes:

  • The blue cabinetry stands out against the neutral walls and white countertop, creating a striking visual contrast.
  • The frameless cabinet design offers a sleek and contemporary look, maximizing space and providing seamless access to storage.


Elegant Colors:

  • The bold blue is eye-catching and adds a sense of luxury to the bathroom.
  • The overall effect is elegant and inviting, paired with minimalist fixtures and modern lighting.


Modern Sink Vanity:

  • The double vanity design enhances functionality, making it perfect for shared spaces.
  • The contemporary sink and cabinet combo guarantees sufficient storage while preserving a sleek look.


Contemporary Design with a Minimalist Decor

The kitchen by Legacy Lake Homes & NG showcases how light-colored cabinets can transform a space into an airy and welcoming environment.


Light-Colored Cabinets:

  • The use of white cabinetry throughout the kitchen brightens the space, creating an open and spacious feel.
  • The slab cabinet doors contribute to the modern aesthetic, offering a clean and uncluttered look.

    Neutral colored cabinet doors from Prodigy’s High Gloss Slab Cabinet Selection

Frameless Cabinets:

The frameless design in the kitchen is like the bathroom design. It lets you store lots of things and get to them easily. This is good for families who are always busy.

Elegant Cabinets and Colors:

The room has light colors, wooden floors, and modern lights which make it feel warm and stylish.


Modern Kitchens:

Large kitchen islands serve as a central hub for both meal prep and social gatherings, highlighting the functional design of the space. High-end appliances and a thoughtful layout ensure that the kitchen is not only beautiful but also highly efficient.


bathroom with deep blue cabinets

Kitchen with Painted Frosty White slab cabinets and a large island. Legacy Lake Homes + NG Designs

Achieving This Modern Look

If you’re inspired by these designs and want to bring a similar modern touch consider cabinets from Prodigy Cabinetry.

  • Opt for Bold Cabinet Colors: Don’t be afraid to choose bold colors for your bathroom cabinets to create a striking and modern look.
  • Choose Light-Colored Cabinets for Kitchens: Light colors can make your kitchen feel larger and more inviting.
  • Incorporate Frameless Cabinets: For a sleek and contemporary style, frameless cabinets are a great choice.
  • Focus on Elegant Colors: Whether bold or neutral, choose colors that add a touch of elegance to your space.
  • Prioritize Functionality: Ensure that your designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional.


Matte Prism Mysterious Slab Door

Matte Prism Mysterious Slab Doo
















Legacy Lake Homes + NG Designs

kitchen with neutral color palette

Kitchen with neutral color palette.Photo: Legacy Lake Homes + NG Designs

Legacy Lake Homes + NG continues to set the standard in modern home design with their innovative use of colors and materials. They use bright cabinet colors, light cabinets, and frameless designs to make spaces that look good and work well. Check out their recent projects for ideas on how to update your bathroom or kitchen and make your home look modern and stylish.

Designing a modern and stylish home is like making art. Legacy Lake Homes and NG Designs work together to make this art even better. Their new project shows off modern kitchen and bathroom designs that are both stylish and functional. Discover how they have improved the modern look with features like double vanities, slab cabinets, and simple decor.


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