The Benefits of the New Trend of Frameless Cabinetry

What Are the Benefits?

For the longest time, Americans have stayed with the idea of framed cabinets. But recently, America has seen the rise and the new trend of frameless cabinetry as it has made its way over from Europe.

European Inspired Frameless Cabinetry

Frameless cabinets have existed in European cities for decades because of their modern and contemporary style. Europeans love this cabinet type for the reason that they have “hidden” hinges and no interior stiles.  This makes them perfect for smaller homes and kitchens – something quite common in European countries.

Maximize Space

One of the key benefits of frameless cabinetry is the greater accessibility and space inside the cabinets. The margins on these doors and drawers are less than ¼” wide, so you have the ability to store larger items inside and can easily reach items to remove them. The smaller margin also allows a greater ability to customize the cabinets and doors.

Sleek Design

People are drawn to this style because of its clean lines that provide a sleek and contemporary feel to the overall atmosphere of the room. But don’t worry – these cabinets are so versatile; they can fit any style of kitchen.


Frameless cabinets are easy to install; given proper measurement and installation. The cabinets are boxes that are attached to each other directly through the side panels of each cabinet using shorter than average screws. Once the boxes are installed, easy to mount shelves can be added that are not only larger in size, but also easily adjustable. As stated earlier, the hinges are anchored to the side cabinet walls, keeping them “hidden”. The doors and drawers are then rested directly across the edges of the cabinet boxes to create that clean, seamless look.

Interested in Learning More About Frameless Cabinetry?

Do you want to be a part of this fast-growing trend? Who wouldn’t want extra storage space with a clean, sleek feel? No matter the style of the kitchen, frameless cabinets can make your dream a reality. Fill out our contact form for more help or information! Follow @ProdigyCabinetry for more design inspiration.