Wood Grain Kitchen Cabinets

Wood grain kitchen cabinets are making a big comeback, especially in kitchen design. When paired with a clean, sleek design and modern appliances and finishes, wood grain kitchen cabinets will give you a beautifully soft, contemporary look. Let’s take a peek at all the different options wood grain cabinets offer.

Vertical or Horizontal?

There are two ways you can orient wood grain: vertical and horizontal. Vertical wood grains draw the eye upward and are a great choice for floor to ceiling cabinets. While this is the more traditional orientation, combine it with a slab style cabinet and it immediately becomes modern.

Horizontal wood grains have been a favorite of contemporary design for years. They create a clean, sleek look that will stand the test of time. Again, combine it with a slab style cabinet to compliment the modern grain.

Bring in Some Warmth

Modern design doesn’t need to be steeped in cold and gray. If you want a modern style that still feels light and warm, consider going with light kitchen cabinets. This selection is easy to design with because the coloring complements almost every countertop, flooring, backsplash, or other major design feature you choose. Whether you want them to be the staple of a neutral-toned kitchen or be a more subtle backdrop for pops of color, light cabinets are the perfect choice.

Get the Look for Less

Did you know that wood grain kitchen cabinets don’t necessarily have to be made of wood? We carry many options that create a wood look but aren’t made of real wood. Not only does this bring down the cost, but it also gives us the ability to provide a more consistent product without the variations of real wood.

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