Modern Bath Cabinetry


What is Modern Design?

When it comes to modern bath cabinetry, what categorizes it as modern? The idea of modernism as a trend began in the late 19th century where designers began to focus more on minimalist design because it was more affordable. The modern design, especially in the cabinetry and bathroom vanity, focuses on having clean lines and prominent geometric shapes with hard edges. The faces of the cabinetry are relatively smooth and flat. Acrylic countertops are most popular for a modern vanity, but marble tends to be used as well.

Common Colors

In modern baths, dark colors like blacks and blues for the cabinetry and light colors like silver grays and pearl whites for the countertops are the most common because they have high contrast with each other. Currently, deep blue cabinets are trending in the kitchen and bath industry because when contrasted with a lighter countertop, they add a sense of elegance and drama while also keeping that clean appearance.

Modern Bath Cabinetry

This bathroom design by Imperial Kitchens, Inc is a prime example of modern bath design; it uses our Alvic Zenit Slab cabinet doors in Blanco for the tall cabinets and Antracita for the vanity cabinets on our Classic Series cabinet boxes. These cabinets contrast well with the white countertop. This design also uses another common modern design feature – wall-mounted vanities. Vanities like this are popular in both modern and traditional bathrooms because they remove the legs or the toe kick, which adds more space to the bathroom.

dark cabinets and a light countertop with clean lines and geometric shapes

Photography by Darren Miles of @boutiqueimagery

About Imperial Kitchens, Inc.

Imperial Kitchens, Inc has been a part of the custom cabinetry field for the past 30 years. They focus on high-quality remodeling for both residential and commercial properties. Aside from cabinetry, the company specializes in 3D design, LED rope lighting, marble, granite, quartz, and more.

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Photography by Darren Miles of @boutiqueimagery

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